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When it comes to Freedom...You Have Choices!

Government cannot be reduced in size and influence without first building the capacity of family units.

Steven Thayn, Idaho State Senator


Steven Thayn is an original thinker. He states truths that can lead our country back to freedom. He warns of practices that will continue to enslave us. He teaches true principles that will strengthen and empower families. He is a person we want to represent any conservative thinking person.

Don Alan Rekow - Author / Publisher

Senator Thayn introduced me to Cicero and Natural Law which gives citizens a moral compass and requires government leaders to submit to an eternal law outside themselves. Any law written in contradiction to natural law is unjust and self-serving.

Caleb Hoobery - Republican Legislative District 8 Chairman


Wheat and Tares

Topics for Future Legislation

Learn about what can and should be done to keep freedom alive in Idaho.